How To Become a Locksmith Technician

There are many reasons to want to become a locksmith technician. A locksmith tech’s day is unpredictable and many times exciting, you get the chance to help people out of jams, to install and fix complex mechanical items as well as advanced electronic ones (such as CCTV systems) and, to top things off, the pay is adequately rewarding. For those of you considering following this carrier path we publish this blog post describing what it takes as well as the training and certification process leading to becoming a locksmith technician.


There are no preconditions to begin training to become a locksmith tech so far as prior education is concerned, a high school diploma is enough, but what you do need to have is a no criminal background. Locksmiths must be completely trustworthy, for obvious reasons. Someone with a criminal background will have trouble convincing the authorities in charge of certification as well as the locksmith services providers (when time comes to find a job) that they are 100% reliable. If you had been criminal charged in the past do not despair, you will need to work harder in order to convince everyone involved that today you are law abiding and that there is no question as to whom your loyalties lay with.

Training and Certification

A locksmith technician must hold a valid license issued by authorities in charge of certifying professionals, in every state these may differ somewhat but the jest of things is the same.
In order to qualify for a professional locksmith technician license you must complete several courses and pass tests proving you have acquired the necessary skills. There is no need to go through the whole process by yourselves, you can find a locksmith services provider who will support you if you commit to working for them for a certain minimal period once you earn your license.

On Job Training and Experience

Just having a locksmith technician’s license in no way means you can do the job. If you’re just starting out you will work alongside an experienced colleague who will show you the ropes. With every job you complete and every professional challenge you overcome you will gain valuable experience which, in time, will allow you to handle things yourself and even be the one in charge of training a rookie.

A career as a locksmith tech is highly rewarding, it is true that you must work hard in order to begin but once on your way you will find you efforts where well worth investing.