Client Testimonials

“There are some really nice touches about One Way Locksmith that I have noticed are absent in so many other local businesses in Concord. Small things, which actually make a really big difference for me – like a locksmith asking how my Thanksgiving was, or the office remembering that it was my son’s birthday the last time I called them for an emergency locksmith. Added to the consistently excellent service, I am very happy to recommend this company to everyone who will listen!

Lisa Radway

“My wife and I are avid ramblers and love nothing more than to go walking in the hills on the weekend. Unfortunately, somewhere in the wilderness, we lost out house keys – our only pair- and had no way of getting into our home when we completed the drive back to Concord. We made the call to One Way Locksmith on our way home and a wonderful emergency locksmith was able to meet us at home when we arrived to get us back inside and cut us a new set of keys. We were truly relieved – by the quick service and the very reasonable price for this!

Andrew Friend

“When I bought my first used car a couple of years ago, I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. This old banger literally breaks down every few months. I can’t really afford to buy a new one yet, so I have to invest the time and money in getting her fixed up whenever she falls apart. I was getting fed up of extortionate auto repair shop feeds, until a friend recommended One Way Locksmith to me. I have been extremely impressed by the level of honest service I receive. Each time I bring the car in, I am given a range of fix-up options to suit my budget. I have even saved money since bringing my car here! Karla Francis

“The folk at One Way Locksmith are a true class outfit. Many thanks for all the help and excellent auto repair tips!

William Stuart

“When it comes to brake repairs for my car, I don’t take any chances. I take my car to One Way Locksmith and know that I will be able to drive away safely and with peace of mind. As a traveling sale rep, I am always on the road and am totally dependent on my car. I make sure to change the oil exactly on schedule and I take it to One Way Locksmith so that it will be done quickly and professionally. I do an annual smog check on my car, not because it is the law but because I care about the environment. At One Way Locksmith I can have it done quickly and for a reasonable fee. Need a tune-up for your car in Concord? Take it to One Way Locksmith
for their professional car mechanics, reasonable prices, and no unnecessary extras. Doing a wheel alignment on a car can be a tricky thing, but it is essential to the wear on your tires and your driving safety. The only garage in Concord that I trust to do my wheel alignments is One Way Locksmith.”

Merry Labare

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