Famous Places to Visit in Concord CA

Although concord needs no introduction, it is one of the most beautiful cities of California. There are many places in concord a tourist would want to see. Following are some of the most famous places in Concord, every visitor would wish to visit again:

Sleep Train Pavilion:

Sleep train pavilion is basically an outdoor place designed by Frank Gehry. Live nation owns this place and local events, concerts, festivals, community events are held over here. There is a capacity of 12,500 people in sleep train pavillion. The events held here are always worth seeing, and even if there are no events the place itself has such a beautiful architecture, you would want to see.

Sunvalley Mall:

Sunvalley mall is a famous shopping center in Concord. There are different high end tenants and the mall includes small shops restaurants, galleries, pet shops and other unusual stores. Here you can also witness the traditions and culture of America in different shops.

Water World California:

The place needs no description, it is water park with more water slides as compared to any other water park in California. The excitement and fun never ends here. For your children, you need to visit this place.

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